Performance Based Advertising

5,000 Blogs & Growing!
Finally a place where you can be offered paid opportunities for posting on your blog.

Sponsored Posts:
You get paid per post you write.

Performance Based Advertising:
You get paid per lead generated by the post you write.

No matter the size of your blog, we see the value in YOU!
We Challenge ANYONE to give you a better ROI
With over 5,000 blogs and a reach of over 100 Million monthly unique visitors, we can help you connect with the right audience. Whether you want Social Media Blasts, written product reviews, posts about your brand, or only want to pay for actual results, we’ve got you covered!

Simply put, we not only put the quality back into your results but we do so at a much more cost-effective price!

Carefully hand selecting the blogs that will deliver you results, we have a team of experts that has over 40 years of combined experience in performance based advertising. Our experts not only help you every step of the way making launching a campaign easy, but our work just then begins, monitoring your delivery to ensure you get the very best results.

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